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weekend in faro

Well written and well worth reading

In reading, Weekend in Faro, one finds that it tickles the mind with wonder. Mr. Nikolic’s ability to weave one story with another seems effortless. We have Nini, who lives in a world of dreams and Michael who lives in the natural world on earth. While both characters are one and the same they are different and Mr. Nikolic gives each one character traits the reader can not only relate to but sympathize with. While the book is an easy read and moves quickly, it is not without depth.

Although Weekend in Faro is both fiction and fantasy, it does touch base with many topics that lend themselves to debate. Are dreams just that or do they really mean something? Are they messages from another world? Re-incarnation, is it a reality or just some religious belief? Is there one God or many? Do we really have a perfect counterpart somewhere or is it just hopeless wishful thinking? And when it comes to crimes and punishment, does forgiveness fit in? These and many more questions leave the reader turning the page wondering what will happen next to the main character, Nini/Michael Nicolau.

Weekend in Faro, while complete in and of itself, makes the reader want to know more about the characters. Hopefully, future books in the Michael Nicolau series will satisfy the reader’s curiosity as to the characters’ past, present and future. To this reviewer, the book was well written and be well worth reading.

Goodreads Review ( 4 stars)
September 14th 2014
By Marta M. Rivera (New York, NY)


“..refreshingly uncommon to find in a good book.”

The author very graciously sent me this book in exchange for an honest review. I'm always open to reading something new and this book is definitely one of a kind in my bookshelf. Starting out, I had very mixed feelings over the book.

It was interesting and his unique style for storytelling made it stand out compared to most books I've read, but the first several chapters were a little difficult to follow along and get a solid understanding of what was happening. It was a little dull and bland, and I was almost tempted to abandon the book if it continued that way throughout the remainder of the book.

But by the time I got half-way through (basically when we entered the "real world"), I was very intrigued with where the storyline was going and had difficultly putting the book down. The plot is very different and captivating. The characters were bold and the details and descriptions of what was happening, though kept at a slight minimum, was spot-on. There was just enough mystery and romance to most chapters to keep it a decent page-turner.

The book was a quick read, but I did find myself enjoy-ing it once I got through the beginning. I think what I found best about this book is the authors unique style of writing. It's definitely different from most authors, and though it can get a little boring in some areas I did find it to be refreshingly uncommon to find in a good book. Review (4 stars)
by Natalie Crowe (Hollister, CA)
Sept. 28th 2014





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